In the Chocolate Lovers Basket...

Chocolate could include: Chocolate covered everything from White,
Milk and Dark Chocolate nuts to meats to exquisite chocolate treats.
If wine is desired in this basket, it is our pleasure to put
Wines/ Champages that would accompany chocolate.
This basket price begins at $35.00 and goes up from there
depending on the amount of chocolate decadence you wish to give.

Jingle Bell Basket

In the Jingle Bell Basket could include: wine of your choice,
Cheese & Cheese spreads, Beef/Summer Sausage, crackers, chocolates, nuts, Riedel Glasses if you prefer with Jingle Reindeer Ornaments. This basket can be customized for $35.00 and up and can be shipped all over the country.

Breakfast Brunch Basket

We will have all the fixings for a breakfast including Mimosas, Pancake Mix, Vermont Maple Syrup, Country Ham, Grits, Cheese, Crackers, muffins and chocolate--plenty of it. A basket for a family or Mom and Dad who can't make
it here for the holidays

Family Basket

We would like to help you with this basket and customize the basket so everyone feels included. We could put coloring books and crayons, games for the whole family with drinks and enjoyment for any age group. We have so many ideas for this basket from specialty foods to snacks to treats for the entire family. Let us customize this basket for you.

Couple's Basket

From there favorite wine varietal to their favorite treats. Make this a basket
that will thrill the couple for their first Christmas to there 50th year together.
If you can dream it, we can put it together for them.

Beer Lovers Basket

Let that beer lover in your life have a treat from beer from around the world.
We have pretzels, nuts and dips to add to the basket to make this gift one of the best gifts that they will remember for years. Baskets start at $25.00 and is a sure thing for the beer lovers in your family! We also have items for the the grillers in your life.

Wine Diva Basket

What is different about this basket...well the Wine Diva is a special women so this requires special items. We will put the wine to suit her taste buds, chocolates, and pamper this women with all of the things this Diva enjoys whether it is bath soaking supplies, a good book, massage certificates (local message places), Pedicure certificates, perfume of her choosing or certificates to her favorite shopping destinations. The idea is to Pamper Your Diva.

A Day Off Basket

Enjoy giving this basket/Bag to a person in need of a "Day Off". Pamper the intended with their favorite wines, snacks, and treats in this basket or picnic bag. Add gift certificates to the Movies or to their favorite resturant.

Make Your Own Basket

Pick from Exceptional Wines and Beer, Specialy foods, Chocolates, Wine Accessories, Riedel glasses, and many other fun items to put in a basket. And the best part is that we can ship it to your family and friends for you!


Priced from $30.00 and up with your person in mind. It is meant to be easy and fun. During the holidays, we are stressed enough so let us take the stress off your back and send your friends and family wine because after all - When you Wine a Bit... you ALWAYS Feel Better