Shop Local

Choosing to support local businesses improves the quality of life in our community in so many ways.

shoplocal1Surveys show that one dollar spent at a locally owned business can be spent up to five or more times before leaving the community. Why is this good?
- Because purchasing locally helps other local businesses grow!

- When our local businesses grow, they provide the most new jobs to the residents of our community.

- When new jobs are created, these local employees tend to live and shop locally.  When dollars are spent locally it increases the amount of taxes collected which supports our public services and helps keep our community safe through our fire departments and police force.

- Because of competition between small businesses, customer service is usually better and prices will stay lower in the long-term.

- When businesses are owned by people who live locally they are less likely to move and will invest in our communities future.

- One way they invest is through non-profit organizations. Research show that non-profit organizations receive an average of three times the support from smaller businesses compared to larger businesses.

- There are many, many reasons to shop local and these are just some of them.   Let's not be putting local businesses in our own community out of work, by trying to save a little bit and choosing a business elsewhere or shopping with a Big Chain. The damage is too costly.  - And don't forget, by shopping local, you will be filling up your gas tank a whole lot less. 

Remember, where you spend your money does make a difference!